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Patent with Multiple Claims

Patent claims are numbered. So if a patent has claims 1, 2, 3 and 4, you can infringe on the patent if you practice even just one of the claims. However, a claim might have multiple steps in it. So if ...
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Reciting claims for elements whose function can be achieved by multiple different mechanisms

First of all you should consider whether the technical feature you are referring to is necessary for the definition of your invention, maybe you can claim your invention without any such feature. In ...
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Is additional device claim allowable for CII type claims?

First of all, in your question you stated, that you would like to claim: "a computer implemented method" "a device (for executing method like processing unit)" "a program&...
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Can I file a patent application with two applicant corporations?

Yes, It is possible for both the firms to be the applicant for a single invention. They will be considered as joint applicants. Name of both applicants will reflect in the patent if granted.
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Multiple Inventions as Independent Claims

What you are talking about is called "unity". In most patent offices (in all of them I would guess) a set of claims must relate to a single general concept. If not, the applicant is required to keep ...
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