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No. Patent trolls file in the eastern district of Texas not because the allegedly infringing products are sold there, but because the trolls have their "headquarters" there. If a product is found to be infringing, the decision is enforced nationwide. If you own a patent, you file any infringement lawsuits in the jurisdiction in which you are domiciled (i.e.,...


Majordomo was available and written about in 1992 and has a web interface component called MajorCool presented at USENIX in 1996. MajorCool will cover the first part of the patent description - "Web updated database", while Majordomo covers the second part - "record distribution via email".


In 1999 I did some brief consulting work for the company Their product was(is) a web application that allows people to locate stores close to their location. Users can search by address and it would display stores on a map close to their location. The company and product were created around 1997! http://...


Sounds to me like a pretty good description of a ListServ Mailing List Manager which maintains a database of users and can send specific files based on keywords in either the subject or message body of an email. There can be many different kinds of files made available in this fashion, for instance the RFCs used to be published via a ListServ. Also various ...

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