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To put the contents of your application into the prior art for other’s future applications as early as possible, you could publish or publicly disclose the contents the day after you file. That isn’t wise because there may be some reason your application doesn’t get the priority date you expected. The other limit is 18 months after the earliest claimed ...


PCT is an international process. The first search report you receive in a PCT process is an ISR. If the ISR is favorable (positive or only mentioning small clarity issues), you could just enter into the national/regional phase. If the ISR is not favorable, one of the possibilities to improve your chances is to request an international preliminary examination....


It is used primarily in the case of amendments made after the ISR. If you received a negative ISR and therefore decide to amend claims to increase the chances of patentablity, then going in to Chapter II and getting a positive IPRP can help when you take the amended claims into the regional or national stage.

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