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This Patent is for a process that that was invented by someone else

This involves two separate questions. Of course, the short answer to both is to discuss this with a patent attorney. But in any case… How can I protest this patent? This is still a patent application. ...
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Can there be enforcement action in Europe for patents not yet granted?

Any Contracting State may prescribe that a European patent application shall not confer such protection as is conferred by Article 64. However, the protection attached to the publication of the ...
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Application rejected at examination stage - How to proceed best?

I'll take a stab at answering this despite the vague language in your question, and the laws coming from an anonymous EU jurisdiction. The EU under the patent articles does in fact forbid software ...
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Interactive Map - Is Apple trying to patent 40-year-old GIS methods? - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

US Patent 4,428,057 from 1984, "Electronic Chart System" "An electronic chart system in which charts of the earth are stored in digital representation and communicated to the operator by a visual ...
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What is the difference between withdrawing an application (MPEP § 1308) and expressly abandoning an application to avoid publication (§ 1125)?

The text of the MPEP sections is pretty clear. They really are nothing alike. A key difference is it withdrawal is withdrawal from issue. MPEP 1308. It is only relevant after a Notice of Allowance. ...
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Very Difficult Low Productivity Examiner with Questionable Approach - What Options for Applicant? UPDATE

In my country we can ask for a senior patent examiner to review the matter. I have previously used that as a technique to have the examiner have a realistic viewpoint. Also we have an appeals process ...
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Cloud Storage - Synchronizing output of streaming media data across devices (Accenture) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Really seems equivalent to this patent dated 2010 : Synchronized broadcast of streams (WO 2010079460 A1) With different playback devices, and synchronization with speed adjustment
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João Carneiro (of the mentioned thesis) along with Ryad Benosman (his thesis Guide) and Sio-Hoï Ieng (one of the thesis reviewers) filed WO2013083848A1 mentioned in the thesis page20 (pdf en page no. ...
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BLE location system and method - PRIOR ART REQUEST for US patent 2016164368

I'm not a lawyer (nor am I an expert in the technology area for this patent), but here are some applications that may be of interest: US20160286348A1: Ble rapid room entry system and method ...
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How do I know if the patent is granted

You can use the US Public Pair site. This gives you lots of detailed information about the status of the application/patent. In this case there was a "Non-Final Rejection" generated on 9-15-2016. This ...
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Prior Art for US20150095841 A1 ‘Composable Analytics’ and Data Flow Based programming?

RapidMiner has a graphical programming idiom, access to databases and the ability to deploy models. According to Wikipedia it dates back to 2001. I've used it and it seem to have all of the ...
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Prior Art for US20150095841 A1 ‘Composable Analytics’ and Data Flow Based programming?

Portion of Wikipedia article on Flow-Based Programming (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow-based_programming#History ) : Flow-Based Programming (FBP) [referred to in the above-mentioned Sept. 2014 ...
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Filing of a PCT without disclosing all previous applications

You can send information about "2013-11-04: They filed a Pakistani application" to PCT International Bureau via https://pct.wipo.int/LoginForms/epct.jsp PCT international bureau may consider the ...
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