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I've looked through the full application, and it clearly was written to be completely unintelligible, which is not what patents are supposed to be for. As a practitioner skilled in the art, I still have no clue what they're getting at with the last three bullet points, or what properties something would need to constitute prior art. Here's a fairly typical ...


I'm not clear on what the last three bullet points are getting at - it might be clearer if I read the whole patent. But the rest sounds very similar to the automatic error checking found in many IDEs (such as Intellij IDEA). In particular: You enter code. It parses your code and generates a syntax tree for it. It identifies semantic errors related to ...


This may not be a complete answer, but your summary: Finding semantic code errors in a syntax tree, picking up two likely corrections based on a body of previous code, and compiling and executing the snippets to see if they correct the semantic error. sounds exactly like the "auto correct" behavior that MS Word exhibits. For example, typing "teh quick ...

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