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Can I patent a sports prediction model?

My guess is that depending on the jurisdiction, yes you can patent an algorithm to predict sports outcomes. Whether you should is a different question. Eighteen months after you file an application it ...
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Patenting a game idea in India

You don't say what sort of a game it is -- software based or non-software based, which is a consideration. But for either option, the European and Chinese patent offices will only allow patents ...
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Can the invention of a sport be patented?

Not all novel combinations are non-obvious. In most countries the rules of a sport would not qualify as patentable subject matter even if non-obvious.
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Patenting a game idea in India

I am a Japanese patent attorney, but your question can be generalized as Q1 "Can one exclude others from making, using and so forth in other country as well if you get patent in one country?" and Q2 "...
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