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What does "in a further preferred embodiment" refer to in a patent?

It means "another". In other words, "In another preferred embodiment"
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"embodiment" vs. "invention"

I can't speak for patent attorneys since I'm not one, but in my mind the words "invention" and "embodiment" aren't synonyms. An embodiment is a particular way of implementing the invention. When a ...
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What constitutes a technical field?

"Technical Field" is not a defined term in patent law in the U.S. Before Alice, "technical" was not any part of the analysis in determining patentably. In Europe and many other places "having a ...
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"embodiment" vs. "invention"

As a former patent attorney, I recall routinely including terminology referring to "these and other embodiments of the disclosed invention..." as a way to help a reader more clearly focus on the fact ...
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