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Arguments allowed in "Concise Description of Relevance" in USPTO prior art filing

The USPTO FAQ explains in detail (with examples) what can be included in concise description of relevance. The concise description of relevance must not propose rejections of the claims. Instead, ...
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Send prior art to the patent owner or third party it to the examiner?

1) Third party submission/observation allows for detailed remarks As DonQuiKong notes in an OP comment, a third party submission (US) or third party observation (outside US) allows accompanying ...
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Do PCT Third Party Observations count against TPO limits at Receiving Offices?

Both articles discuss WIPO, EPO and UKIPO practice. There is no limit regarding the number of TPO that may be filed during EPO proceedings. The TPO may refer to novelty (A54 EPC), inventive step (A56 ...
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Do Protests make Third Party Submissions redundant?

After publication, when you can see the claims, you might find that the references you previously submitted are not as on-target as you assumed and end up filing both. A consideration might be that a ...
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