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I have trouble understanding your example. What is "list of items" and what is "purpose *"? In a method you usually define a set of steps, and perhaps some additional features that are not steps. Not sure what you mean by partial match either. I will try to answer your question anyway, but I may update my answer if you clarify these parts. If "purpose X" is ...


Your application will NOT be republished. The amended claims will be added to the applications file history (called the 'Image File Wrapper' in both Public PAIR and Private PAIR), almost always the same day as they are received. The amended claims are view-able as submitted, and are not incorporated into the body of the application in any way. The Patent ...


Non provisional patent applications are published 18 months from the effective filing date - You may request to publish earlier than that.


Interpretation is not related to Novelty analysis. An invention is considered novel if the claimed features in the invention are not known from the prior art i.e the invention must be new. With respect to the date, the date at which you are filing the provisional patent application is considered as the ‘priority date’


There is another option. You can try to find a way to implement your solution without infringing at least one element of each claim. As an example, if the claim is "Add chemicals A, B, and C together in approximately equal quantities to generate compound D", and you find you can generate compound D by adding 20% A, 20% B and 60% C, you're likely ok (ask ...

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