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For questions relating to the legal requirements necessary for applications to be granted a patent. Please include a tag relating to the relevant type of intellectual property protection you are aski…
629 questions
For questions involving the creation, use, sale, import or export of patented items without permission from the patent holder or any person legally entitled to grant a license. Also for questions rega…
466 questions
For questions relating to the USPTO rules related to prior art or what constitute prior art. For REQUESTS FOR PRIOR ART please use the [prior-art-request] tag.
380 questions
Help kill bad patent applications by providing evidence of prior art. Making a difference is as simple as using Google to find literature relevant to a pending application. Follow @AskPatents for a f…
357 questions
Related to claims definition, interpretation, technical terms, the extent, scope, of the protection conferred to a patent
324 questions
For questions relating to the preliminary steps of a patent, wherein an inventor or attorney files a draft of the patent either for review by a patent examiner, or in the case of provisional applicati…
316 questions
Patents about software algorithms, methods implemented via computer software, and software interfaces
279 questions
United States Patent and Trademark Office, the body which issues patents in the USA.
184 questions
Related to procedures between the patent holder and the patent offices, opposing a patent before grant and similar questions. (The only way to do that is a Third Party Observation (TPO), so please inc…
163 questions
Question related to Provisional specification filing and rules thereof
149 questions
Questions involving patent issues across multiple countries. If your question is about a specific region or country (Eu, China, ...) please include that tag. If your question is about PCT applications…
132 questions
Questions about patent laws and their implementation
126 questions
A design patent is a special kind of patent that covers the ornamental design, as opposed to the workings, of a functional item.
114 questions
Questions related to The Patent Cooperation Treaty based applications.
107 questions
For patent or any document filing to patent offices
106 questions
Related to ownership of Patent and its requirements.
102 questions
Related to Patent application, rules, formats and specific requirements.
101 questions
Questions specifically relating to the patent system of the United States of America.
90 questions
The term of a patent: the amount of time during which a patent can be enforced.
90 questions
Questions relating to searching for or through patents and applications
85 questions
For questions relating to "novelty," as related to patents. Specifically, the bar for novelty in patents and patent applications, and interpretations thereof.
80 questions
For questions relating to the rules and standards of inventorship, as indicated and used by the United States Patent Office.
76 questions
For questions broadly relating to the licensing and legal sharing of patents. Note that questions about specific license agreements are off-topic.
72 questions
Related to opposition of patent after grant.
71 questions
For questions relating to the requirements for filing, and effects or functions of, provisional applications
66 questions
Claims to priority based on foreign filings, parent application filings, or provisional application filings.
59 questions
Questions specifically relating to the EPO rules, patent practices in Europe, and patents filed in Europe
58 questions
For questions regarding the expiration date of an issued patent.
53 questions
**PLEASE NOTE** that questions about Copyright are off topic for this site. Use this tag for questions predominantly about patents that cross over into Copyright issues.
53 questions
For posts questioning whether any skilled practitioner would find the idea obvious in light of the prior art.
52 questions
Question relates to Infringement of patent rights as defined in claims.
51 questions
Invalidating a patent that has already been granted
46 questions
For questions relating to the requirements for specification, sufficiency, enablement and rules.
46 questions
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