David DeVeau

Over 35 Years Electromechanical Product Design Scientist Engineer Designer Artist with Several Assists Writing Patents and Creating Patent Drawings for Inventors and Lawyers.

So Far One Patent US7721837B1 that I Researched and Wrote and Argued Completely On My Own except for one short Legal Session on The Parts Of The Patent Application.

I have a good understanding of Basic US Patent Law but No Experience with Foreign Patents other than as Cited References. In fact I Do Not Publish my Applications via A Non-Publish Request because I Have No Intentions Of Ever Acquiring A Foreign Patent because I Am A Small Business Owner and Do Not Have The Resources To Chase Infringements Outside Of The USA.

I also Do Not Manufacture Goods so I have No Use For A Patent Pending Claim and in my primary fields of expertise Companies Have No Interest In Pending Applications Except To Exploit The Designs so Non-Published Applications Are The Best Defense.

My Purpose and Intent for using Ask-Patents is to fill the gaps, some small and some bigger than I originally thought after reading others' posts and would ask for politeness and patience with my questions as I explore this resource from my own perspective.

My Brochure Web Site is at http://www.devco-deveau.com DEVCO-DeVeau Projects: Design/Garage/Art. To Access My Product Design References and Services Directly go to http://www.devco-design.com/design/index_d.htm DEVCO-Design Projects: Specializing In Harsh Environment Enclosures.

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