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I am an experienced professional actively seeking an exciting new project in the field of artificial intelligence, drones, or any other fun and innovative domain. I have a strong background in working remotely and I am open to relocating anywhere globally for the right opportunity.

My current focus revolves around chatgpt prompt engineering and automation. I possess expertise in Scala, Python, JavaScript, as well as data engineering, embedded systems and Scrum methodologies. With a PhD in Computer Science from EPFL Switzerland and a Master's degree in Telecommunications Systems from Barcelona, I bring a wealth of academic knowledge and practical skills to the table. As a team player, I thrive in collaborative environments and excel in delivering high-quality results.

Having lived in various countries, I bring a diverse cultural perspective to my work. I have spent 20 years in Barcelona, 20 years in Switzerland, one year in Asia (India, Nepal, and Indonesia), and three years in South America (Brazil, Ecuador, and Bolivia).

In addition to my professional pursuits, I have a deep passion for pushing boundaries. I can effortlessly adapt to living an intense social life with luxury, as well as adopting the minimalist lifestyle of a backpacker with no possessions. Communication is another aspect of my life where I appreciate both ends of the spectrum. While I can engage in lively conversations and articulate my thoughts extensively, I have also explored the practice of Vipassana meditation lasting up to 30 days, where I practice noble silence and abstain from speaking. I also practice water fastings lasting up to 21 days. I enjoy going hiking and camping alone for extended periods. Getting lost and facing my fears in such situations has allowed me to grow and learn valuable lessons along the way, and I've learned about discipline and resilience.

I have also devoted three years to the practice of shamanism, working with sacred plant medicines such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro. These transformative experiences have had a profound impact on my personal growth, expanding my mind, intuition, and creativity. They have opened doors to new perspectives, allowing me to approach challenges with a fresh and inspired mindset. This hunger fuels my passion and dedication, both in my personal life and professional pursuits. I believe that love and a genuine connection with others are fundamental aspects of a fulfilling existence.

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] to discuss potential opportunities further. You can also find more information about my professional background and achievements on my LinkedIn profile at Additionally, you can access my code repositories on GitHub at

Thank you for considering my profile, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Best regards, David Portabella

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