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Karan Bajaj is a technology entrepreneur, Best-selling author, and self-proclaimed “striving yogi” from the Himalayas of India. Now living in New York, he works to share his attempts to live a Yogic life in the heart of the material world. Karan Bajaj is known as founder and CEO of WhiteHat Jr., which was acquired by BYJU'S in 2020, as well as for his best-selling novels Keep Off the Grass, Johnny Gone Down, and The Seeker. Bajaj believes that in order to find a life that is driven by purpose, we need to create time to focus on what we truly desire. This focus, according to Bajaj, can be achieved through yoga, meditation, and sabbaticals, and by taking away our emotional materialism, which Karan defines as “constantly wanting to become something or someone better.”

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