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Siva Tumma
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I am a senior Technology specialist with more than 14 years of expert exposure to cross technical functions. My approach to bigger software is to think of the protocols. HTTP is the protocol I like very much, though I will learn still a lot in it on a day to day. I had worked as J2EE specialist for 7 years, moved to web development.

I had been a teacher of Oracle SQL, PL/SQL in my town center training centers however I shifted myself towards document databases fully.

Google App Engine, Memcached, Firebase API, notifications and complex business logic implementations I was part of, are very few out of my pocket technologies

My current interest to work is towards HTTP, Node JS, Mongo DB, Angular 1 & 2, React JS, Mocha, Chai, Sinon etc. Working for an IoT device API is my wish, as I see the IoT device spectrum is still not reachable to larger audience and I strongly believe I can improve the intelligence in them

While this is all fine, I would like to quickly transform myself into a Machine Learning developer

What will delight me will be a CI / CD system that would accommodate every technology

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