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I love managing Linux servers and workstations as part of my living. I don't spend much time on it simply because I don't need to. I enjoy answering questions that relate to Linux and try to do so when I have spare moments.

I sometimes have to manage Windows servers and workstations as part of my living. It pays well but I find it frustrating to have to deal with Windows-specific issues and interfaces when I could just be done already if I used my favorite tools. Sometimes I write programs in Go that help me manage the Windows machines and sometimes I just give up and ask for help here. I don't love Windows and I'm highly appreciative of the folks here that have clever answers for frustrating problems.

I'm a Go programmer that used to be a Perl programmer... and I love that it's part of my day job. I loved Perl very much, but there is just too much goodness in Go to stay on the Perl wagon. I love having a cross-platform language that packs its own runtime without needing to hack something together like I had to do with Perl. I haven't really answered much in the way of Go questions, but I'm certainly on the lookout for questions that aren't already answered well. I spend as much time as I can expanding my Go experience, especially when it comes to building cross-platform tools to help myself or my customers live a happier computer-using life.

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