In reference to the patent: WO2016183695A1

Hi. I am writing a report about pearls sooo the patent in reference claims a surgical procedure to culture abalone pearls in Chile. Yet I found this paper published 6 years earlier: Monteforte M. and Bervera H. 2010. Abalone pearl culture west coast of Baja California peninsula, Mexico. World Aquaculture 41(3):12-17. The paper describes practically the same claims. Thoroughly, in fact. Even the same species of abalone. How this patent got the registration ?

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    First, the linked document is an application, not a patent. Second, could you provide a link to the paper?
    – Eric S
    Feb 7, 2018 at 15:48

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If you follow the link to the google patents page for this application you will see a box on the right that includes a "non-patent citation" link. If you go there you will see that there are seven references listed, three references are -

MONTEFORTE, M. ET AL.: "Condiciones para el desarrollo de granjas perleras y producción de perlas: estado del arte, potencial y perspectivas.", REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA MARINA Y OCEANOGRAFIA, vol. 48, no. 1, 2013, pages 1 - 16, XP055330093 *

MONTEFORTE, M. ET AL.: "III Foro Iberoamericano de los Recursos Marinos y la Acuicultura", 2011, article MONTEFORTE, M. ET AL.: "Tecnología de perlicultura en abulón.", pages: 199 - 208, XP055330079 *

MONTEFORTE, M.: "Granjas perleras y perlicultura.", BIODIVERSITAS, vol. 89, 2010, pages 12 - 15, XP055330120, Retrieved from the Internet http://wvvw.biodiversidad.gob.mx/Biodiversitas/Articulos/biod iv89art3.pdf> [retrieved on 20160819] *

I think the various patent offices (AU, MX and Republic of Korea) now looking at this application know about the previous work.

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