I have already filed non-provisional utility patent applications. I need to add more information prior to the USPTO publishing one of them. Basically, I'm going to copy the existing application, and add a good bit of specification and drawings. I'm doing this because I've found new uses for and created better explanations of my inventions. 1. Do I file just a provisional, or a regular utility application? 2. Do I file some form with said application, noting that it is an addition to or expansion of existing applications? 3. Do I file the expanded version with some kind of phrasing such as, "This application is an addendum/expansion/addition to patent application #XXXXXX"? 4. Or is further filing simply treated by the USPTO a whole entire different application?

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There are no "addendum" to a patent application. You have a couple of options. One is to file a provisional and later file a non-provisional that could be a CIP (Continuation in Part) to the current application, also getting priority from the non-provisional, or could just be a new non-provisional.

  • Might be nice to define "CIP" for those who don't know what it stands for.
    – Eric S
    Aug 31, 2019 at 2:21

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