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US patent class 715: data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing

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Separate or single provisional patent application/s for an algorithm and presentation

I am working on drafting a provisional patent application (PPA) for an algorithm (which is novel, non-obvious and useful) and the presentation of the result of running of the algorithm on some data. ...
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Doesn't this mean most current software using scrolling is in violation of Patent 5495566?

In US patent 5495566 (filed 1994-11-22, issued 1996-02-27), Microsoft patented varied speed scrolling depending on the speed of mouse wheel spin, something that is now always used. Does this mean that ...
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Prior Art for GoDaddy Patent Announcing a Domain Name Registration on a Social Website

DomainWire has announced that the USPTO has just issued a patent to GoDaddy that covers a method of announcing a domain name announcement on a social network. U.S. patent number 8,276,057. In my view, ...
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Prior art for web-based electronically signed documents

Posting to make clear that any patent examiner should at least follow-up should it seriously be considered acceptable. Does anybody here believe this is a valid set of claims in the patent ...
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Could Apple's recent patents be based on prior art?

Some of Apple's patents, I am pretty sure are based on Prior art some of these include: Patent US 7844915. Here is its claim 1: A machine implemented method for scrolling on a touch-sensitive display ...
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Prior art for double-tap to zoom in a structured document / web browser

Apple has patented (US7864163) the behaviour in Mobile Safari whereby double-tapping zooms in just enough to fit on the screen the particular box of content that was tapped. A computer-implemented ...
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How specific must prior art be to invalidate a patent?

Following on from #191, I looked at - "System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space" This was granted in Nov 2009 and claims: 1. A ...
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Prior art on Microsoft patents asserted against Barnes & Noble and Motorola

I was wondering whether there was sufficient prior art for some of the patents that Microsoft is with Android device manufacturers? Most of those seem to have been resolved under NDA, but here's some ...
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Prior art for "Style and layout caching of web content"

Microsoft's application aims to patent: Methods and systems for style and/or layout caching of Web content are usable to build reusable style caching trees and cacheable layout calculations. Such ...
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