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A company is using my idea internally!

I discovered that my idea with i plans to develop and profit from, is being used internally in a company. I was wondering since they aren't profiting directly from the idea do i have any legal leg ...
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How do vanishing stories on WhatsApp not infringe Snapchats patents?

Looking at Snapchat's patent Ephemeral message galleries it would seem, at least superficially, that vanishing status updates on WhatsApp do exactly what this patent protects. I copy the relevant ...
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Would omitting a plastic bag avoid infringement of US 8863947?

In reference to the patent: US8863947 According to claims 1 & 11 the controlled substance is placed into a plastic bag prior to sealing the pop-top can. If a plastic bag is not used and the ...
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patent Infringment on my product

1]: I hired a company to design and bring my product to the market. They drug there feet and took so long other similar inventions came into play. What can I ...
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Can I write the Demand letter or C&D myself?

I have invented US Patent 07909076 . I have a an infringer on claim 1. Not only has the infringer been making and selling the system/product, but he has been advertising "Patent applied" and recently "...
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