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How can a dating site like OkCupid patent a matching system

I came across a blog post from dating site OKCupid that explains how they match users. The post has a line saying that the system was patent pending. What does this mean? The system works basically by ...
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In India, why can't we patent an Algorithm?

Here's the FAQ document that was given the official website: The 7th question in this document ...
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Can I patent code that is pushed to Github?

I have invented a new algorithm that I want to patent in Germany/Europe. However, I have kept my code implementing the algorithm in a public GitHub repository. I have not assigned a copyright license ...
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Which tools works for patents analytics?

I'm looking for getting some insights though patents analytics to know if my company's products are patentable. I already check some papers about it. I'm just starting so it would be cool to get an ...
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Is possible to patent a trading algorithm (indicator)

I know some algorithms are patentable, but not sure what are the resctrictions and limitation for this. My question is specific for a trading indicator, something like MACD, or RSI etc, is possible to ...
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I want to know if I can patent such algorithm?

My algorithm uses the modified version of existing algorithm (architectural modification) and I have combined it with existing mathematical law. so can a patent restrict others form using such ...
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Can I patent a calculation method or application, that uses previously undefined variables?

I work in an industry where a large portion of the manufacturing process is "black box" - you don't get instant production feedback from the equipment. You literally take notes on the product that you ...
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Patenting a trade secret algorithm

I have two similar questions on how "public use" and "on sale" apply to trade secrets, and how or if trade secrets can be later converted into patents. I've been reading the law here and looking at ...
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Is one drawing enough for a business process patent for software algorithm?

I am filing a patent for a software and I am using a patent service. They have given me 1 drawing for my process and I am concerned this may not be enough. It does describe my process but does 1 ...
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patentability of mathematical algorithms (especially those with a complex invented methodology)

This is further to my questions on the patentability of complex mathematical algorithms used thereafter in a simple manner to effect something useful. Sorry for its length. My previous question was (...
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