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Is there (no) reciprocity in protection between the US and China?

What is the gripe that the current US administration has with the Chinese patent system? If an inventor files (and obtains) a patent from the USPTO, but never applies for a patent in China, does a ...
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2 answers

Does Chinese Patent Examination Lack Rigor?

Based on a few utility patent prosecution histories I've looked through (at least based on their "translated" documents in USPTO Global Dossier), it appears that Chinese examiners make little effort ...
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1 answer

When is "Entry into substantive examination phase" as provided by "INPADOC Legal Status" unavailable even though the patent has been granted?

A few examples would illustrate the problem: Below are publication numbers without entry into substantive examination phase for patents granted in State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO): CN1167313C ...
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