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Can the same patent be extended to a new country without one of the original co-author

Back in 2017 I signed a patent contract with the company in which I used to work as one of the co-authors of an invention that was going to be patented in Europe. In this contract I was forced (...
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Is Time-based One Time Password patented?

This question explains how authenticators like Google Authenticator and Authy are able to generate one-time passwords without connecting to a server. Are there any patents preventing someone from ...
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Proving the date of a website being used as prior art

I have several pieces of prior art that were published on a website. The site is public but not in the Internet Archive or anything like that. I have content upload dates in the database that could ...
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Prior art for analyzing passwords

It shouldn't be too hard to find prior art on patent application 20120284783. The primary claim is taking apart the password to identify common words or patterns. The password is checked by various ...
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