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US patent class 514: drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions — designated organic active ingredient

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Is it possible to patent a mere mixture of two existing and patented drugs?

Let's say you take two existing drugs that they have been patented already (and may or may not have expired). You add them in a mixture of specific ratio without changing their chemical structure. You ...
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Why do pharmaceutical patents needs to list other drugs the patented drug could be combined with?

I know this is quite a specialist subject but I thought there might be some pharma patent experts here. I am trying to understand why when you apply for a patent for a particular therapeutic compound, ...
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Prior art which discloses less than 2mg of prednisone used for treatment of arthritis

Which is the closest prior art for this patent which discloses less than 2mg of prednisone used for treatment of arthritis? The list of documents in hit results includes US6677326 patent European ...
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Prior art for US Patent No. 6025327 for hydrolyzed collagen type II

Does any one know any prior art for the US6025327, disclosing hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage derived collagen type II, or method for preparing collagen type II from chicken sternal cartilage? ...
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