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Automatic Network Discovery

In reference to the patent: US7543052 So I have an idea for a networking application and I stumbled upon this patented document. I am not sure what the author is really patenting, would someone ...
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Network Protocol Conversion -- Prior Art Request for US 2005/0220286 A1 (Verizon) The independent claim is drawn primarily to protocol conversion of the data link layer and the application layer of a communication without conversion of ...
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Computerized method and system for recipe presentation

Aren't bunch of claims related to javascript onsubmit/onchange functionality, and normal web communication? It's just ridiculous. Also, prior art cites plain recipe search sites, but not recipes by ...
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Anti Packet Inspection Idea

I've got an innovative but simple idea to defeat or avoid SPI (Shallow Packet Inspection) and even DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) as well and can be explained in a single paragraph. Actually it may have ...
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