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What category would a new rulemaking procedural patent for the Federal Register be classified?

The United States has a very stringent paper chase for its Federal Register which may be maintained using computer applications. The question: Which category of patents would a new rulemaking ...
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How much does it cost to buy a patent to protect your invention if you are a civilian, a public member?

I mean by public a person, a civilan acting on his or her private time, a user of the web. I am really not aware if I can enter the building being an homeless in San Jose, Ca, USA. I follow the Law at ...
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If a virus was not created by the U.S. government, what right do they have to a patent on it?

How can various American scientists be named as the inventors on this patent application (US 2012/0251502 A1) if the United States government is adamant they never created the virus? If the virus is ...
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What is the purpose of this Ebola-related patent of the US government?

One of my conspiracy theory-loving friends posted about this patent application (US 2012/0251502 A1), thinking the government created Ebola for the purposes of population control. This is obviously ...
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Are all U.S. patents that state they were developed with support of a U.S. government grant essentially owned by the U.S?

Near the front of many patents there is a statement saying the work was partially or fully supported by a U.S. Government grant. Does that mean that the U.S. Government automatically owns all that IP?
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