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We have a patent in China (only) and it was registered in jan 2021, we want to register it in the UK do we have priority

Our manufacturer has a patent in China (only) and it was granted in jan 2021, we want to register it in the UK, do we have priority. We have seen another UK company is registering a similar product in ...
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are these patents granted or not?

Were these patents ever granted or not? This one shows three publications after application but no note of being granted: Not sure how there was no ...
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What is the best way to add co-inventor item in your CV

I am a co-inventor in a filed patent. I want to properly mark this in my CV. As far as I can understand the concept correctly, first of all, since I am one of number of inventors I am a "co-inventor". ...
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How do entrepreneurs determine if their idea is not infringing any patents

There's the idea to build a business out of, but how would I know I'm not infringing any of those thousands of applications and grants? It seems to be impossible to read the claims in all of those in ...
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Was a patent granted?

In reference to the patent: US20140190333 Was a patent granted / is a patent currently in force appertaining to this application please? I see that 2 prior patents have been cited. I am not looking ...
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Was this patent granted? [duplicate]

In reference to the patent: US20030042366 Was this patent granted??
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Is it a granted patent?

In reference to the patent: CA2861405A1 Is this a granted patent? Has Econovate ltd. any granted patent?
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How to tell if various non US patents are granted vs applications?

Regarding "World Patent application". I understand that the very basic basic process is: Apply for a world patent application it stands in for an application in all the various countries that the ...
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Patent Infringement requires all claims to infringe or just one?

A product that I'm developing implements half of the 28 claims mentioned in this patent application: Am I infringing the patent if it is granted? ...
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